Oh Land at Le Bain, NY - 8 Feb 2013

Performance art piece entitled Blackboard Jungle by Eske Kath.

Eske Kath Oh Land Mikkel Hess

"Love You Better"
"Bird in an Aeroplane"
Lyrics by Oh Land

Performed at Charles Bank Gallery 

For more information visit: http://www.charlesbankgallery.com

Cinematography by: Michael Bailey, David Bowers, Matthew Kern, and Dan Spizzirri 

Edited by: Dan Spizzirri

Sound Recorded By: Kurt Pierce

Eske Kath - Blackboard Jungle Exhibition Opening Reception in New York, September 5, 2012

Eske Kath - Blackboard Jungle Exhibition Opening Reception in New York, September 5, 2012

Review: Oh Land live at SBSR, Portugal

Oh Land - Live at Super Bock Super Rock Festival, Portugal - July 6th 2012

Best day of my life. It started in the morning with an Art History exam. It went really bad but I manage to pass the subject anyway. Finished it very quickly because the only thing I could think of, was that I was going to see Oh Land again in a couple of hours. Went to catch the subway to meet my friends Rodrigo and António. Met them at her first show in Portugal, back in December. I waited for about an hour, when they finally arrive. We went to the bus stop to catch the bus to the festival. We waited for about two and a half hours because the first bus was only at 2:30pm. The trip was about 30 minutes and we arrived at the festival. Still one hour until the doors open. Lots of fans there waiting to get in. Lots of Lana Del Rey fans by the way, she was playing there too. They looked like Justin Bieber’s fans, super excited with posters and stuff. Me and my friends were the only ones there for Nanna. After an hour waiting, the doors finally open. Everyone was running to the main stage, but me and my friends went very calm to the second stage. Now let’s resume the whole thing: we waited since 4pm in front of the stage, ALONE. There wasn’t nobody there. Just the three of us. People came and go, but we were the only ones that never left. 

Everytime a van arrived, we freaked out, thinking that could be her. Eventually, around 7pm it was her! I don’t need to mention that I was about to die! My friend waved at her and she came to us. I quickly went to grab the painting and bracelet (with “Narwhals <3” on it) I made for her. She looked very embarrassing standing there because I couldn’t find the bracelet and was freaking out. I gave her the present and she thanked and asked if she could opened it. She mentioned she loved the stickers on the wrapping paper and opened it. She loved it and asked me if I made that. I told her it was a digital painting and she seemed curious about it. I gave her the bracelet and she loved it too. We told her that we were wearing one too and she thought it was really cool. In her words “Oh, you all have one, that’s so cool!” (Or something like that). She looked at me and Rodrigo and asked “I saw you guys last time, right?”. We couldn’t believe that she remembered us. Maybe it was reasonable, since last time we were like stalking her a bit (Not really, just a bit). And we got to talk to her twice. Plus Rodrigo met her twice on the street, near the house she was staying.

Anyway… António was eating cheetos and she looked at him. He offered her and she grabbed one and ate. She told him that was really tasty and grabbed another. It was a really cute moment to be honest, because she was really enjoying the chips. Then we took pics with her. I was the last one and when I was standing next to her she asked me if I was Rafaela. I believe I died a little at that moment. I told her, “Yes, I’m Rafaela”, and she tried to say my name again. So cute. (And because of that, I look really weird at the photo). Then she asked us who was playing now and I said we really didn’t know because we were there for her. She asked “Aww, you are? I hope this gets lots of people” and I answered her “Yes, we hope that too”. I think she was a bit sad because no one was there, and maybe she wouldn’t get a big crowd. Then she went to get ready for the show, waved at us and asked “See you guys later?” and we, of course, told her yes.

We got back to our spot at the stage and we were freaking out! We wondered if she was going to use the bracelet and we were really happy that we got to meet her again. I mean, we were the only ones there for hours! We deserved this. A couple minutes later the first show started. Two bands were playing before her and we were really bored and kind of tired. Then… the moment arrived. The first bands finished and they started preparing the stage for Oh Land. Hans and Tore were doing a little soundcheck and we were really anxious for her. Then… she came on stage!!! The place was FULL. Now I think I’m going to try and resume this: IT WAS PERFECT! I never jumped and sang so much in my life! We were really freaking out at the first line, right in the center, in front of her. During the whole show she looked at us several times, and guess what? She was wearing my bracelet! She was freaking wearing my bracelet! I couldn’t believe it! The show was beyond amazing!! She performed 11 songs (Perfection, Break The Chain, Sun Of A Gun, Voodoo, Lean, Wolf & I, Human, White Nights, Rainbow, Speak Out Now, We Turn In Up - the order is not this, but I can’t remember). At the end, with We Turn It Up, before she left, she pointed at the bracelet and then pointed at me. I died again. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. She was so sweet, and cute, and beautiful, and everything. She’s pretty much perfect. The show ended, everyone waved goodbye, she thanked and left.

We went to see if we could meet her again, and she waved at us to come to the other side. We ran for our lives to get there, but there were quite a lot of people already, asking for photos and autographs. There were a grid between us so she mentioned she was like in prison. Everyone was really freaking out and I told my friends to let the people get out so we could talked to her. It was really messy so she wasn’t able to talk to us that much, but she looked at us several times, but everyone was talking to her at the same time, so she couldn’t pay much attention to us. After a while I asked her to sign my exam and my t-shirt. She was really sweet and concentrated while signing my shirt and even did a little heart. She always does that, I love it. Then, she had to leave, everyone waved goodbye and she mentioned she will come back. It was perfect. The best day of my life. 

The end. 

Photos by (in order of appearance):
MyOut / Filipa Oliveira / TVI/LUSA / Pedro A. Pina / TVI/LUSA / MyOut 

Interview and footage from the concert in Turkey.

This is my current wallpaper. It’s a photo from the show in Portugal at Super Bock Super Rock (July 6th), taken by Pedro A. Pina. Feel free to use if you want! :)